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Eazy Connect Ltd was founded in March 2017 in England, and in May 2018 the company Eazy Connect e.U. in Vienna. The idea came to mind in 2013 in New Zealand and the rough technical and economic concept was developed at the end of 2016 by Mr. Bernhard Höller (Founder).

Since September 21st 2017, there has been a positively registered utility model application. PCT application and further international patent application for Europe, parts of America, Africa and Asia are still in process. Since February 2018, there is a cooperation with TU Vienna, where data protection and security has already been checked. Since March 2018 there is also cooperation with WU-Wien for the winter semester 2018/2019 (project course "Business Planning")


Currently, in developed countries, every (adult) person has an average of 4 plastic cards for various uses (identification, access, e-card, bank transactions, etc.). Most cards are protected by a PIN code, which the user has to memorize. The same applies to most access and identification processes for various online services and applications. In recent years, more and more of the cards are equipped with NFC chips that spares the entry of PIN codes (up to a certain limit). Unfortunately, the NFC technology also allows data from the card to be read by third parties "unintentionally", which may lead to data misuse including unintentional debits or payments.

































Eazy Connect™, Patent Platform for Trusted Biometric Online Registration for Cardless Authorization, Authentication, Verification and Certification. Registration requires a smartphone with a camera, a laptop with including a webcam and valid photo ID. Upon registration, both devices will be identified and authorized online via the Eazy Connect App for registration. Official photo ID is sent as a photo and personal data is stored. For the registration of biometric data with the camera from a smartphone, Eazy Connect uses the world's first contactless biometric authentication system, which has certificates with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to include 4 Fingers TouchlessID in the government’s certification program for contactless fingerprint capture.

This will ensure compatibility with developing law enforcement and immigration fingerprinting standards. Simultaneously scanning both palms of the user's hand in different biometric impressions and/or making facial recognition with a camera. A second camera is installed for the correct performance of live scanning. Insuring 100% security granted for correct data of each user and the biometric data and recordings stored in the data processing center. Thereafter, the various biometric impressions are assigned by the user online to their various authentication data. One or a combination of several biometric impressions can be stored for only one connection on the biometric database, so that the number of different authentication applications are also open. There is a very high level of security technology. After allocating the various authentications, the user can identify theirselves card-less.

Eazy Connect bundles a large part of the daily payment, identification and authentication processes on a fingerprint with 100% security during registration.

Eazy Connect's biometric storage solution can support large companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, IT security, government, transportation, airlines, banks, Online Webportal and many more.

The company is looking for industry partners (airlines, banks, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, cities, government, transportation companies, etc.) or IT security companies to develop, and is open to investment opportunities.

Advantages and innovation

A disadvantage of the many cards is that the cards require for the respective situation has to be carried by the respective person. Furthermore, many of the cards require a password or PIN for authentication, which the individual must remember.

This disadvantage is solved by Eazy Connect, which offers an improved method for card-less verification of a person's identity and the provision of related user data. For this, the customer acquires one or more biometric features that are linked to a service of an external institution (for example, government, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, IT security, airlines, etc.).

After the unique proprietary process, Eazy Connect stores and processes personal information and biometric material, great emphasis has been placed on a secure architecture. On the one hand, the personal data and the biometric material linked to data records must be securely stored, processed and transmitted so that malicious attacks can be averted in the best way possible. On the other hand, the architecture is in accordance with applicable law (including the General Data Protection Regulation) privacy requirements. Eazy Connect promises 100% accordance of biometric finger and face data of an individual with these methods.

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Stage of development: Concept stage

Comments regarding stage of development

Currently working on the prototype development and the market feasibility study in collaboration with two major Universities in Vienna.

Profile Origin Private (in-house) research



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Currently patented in Austria since 2017.

PCT- Application filled 2018.

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Type, size and nation: Industry SME <= 10, Austria

Already engaged in transnational cooperation: Yes

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Sector Group: ICT Industry and Services


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• English

• German


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The company is looking for industrial partners (airlines, banking, pharma, governmental, cities, transport etc) or IT security companies to develop pilot application projects and is open to investment opportunities.

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• Financial agreement

• Technical cooperation agreement


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• Worldwide



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