Big companies around the world have made biometric authentication a priority and Eazy Connect™ has improved it.

Startup-Eazy Connect™ has developed and patented a personal security concept for trusted biometric registration with liveness detection technology. ID (passport, driver's license) combines facial recognition and finger scanning with camera, guaranteeing a nearly accurate and trusted reliable authentication, which can be installed on any smartphone and laptop. Once this process is completed, Eazy Connect™ can provide a clear, 100% association of biometric data with the individual. In cooperation with Vienna University of Technology, Eazy Connect™ has created PoC ready for Prototype. In collaboration with WU-Vienna, we have developed a business plan for this company and found that the biometric authentication market is growing and growing tremendously. In further research, we found that the online gambling sector, blockchain, health sector, government, banks and many more seem to be perfect markets for Eazy Connect ™ as competition is comparatively weak and the need for secure identification is high.

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