Eazy Connect


A further improvement of the PDS2 guidelines, preventing the data from being passed onto third parties.


TRUSTED-Biometric ID´s could be "GAMECHANGER"

Nothing works on the Internet today without authentication. If you cannot prove who you are, you will not receive any services from the provider. Regardless of whether banks, online retailers, public administrations, or game providers, companies of all branches will demand that said person can "identify themselves" before ordering a product or agreeing to a service.

Authentication should determine whether a person or an object (e.g. in the Internet
of Things) is who he or she claims to be. On the Internet and in other private and public computer networks, authentication is usually carried out by logging on with passwords. If a user enters the correct password, this is proof of their authenticity. When logging on for the first time, the user registers himself (or is registered by someone else) using a password assigned to or chosen by said person. To be able to log in again subsequently, the user must know and enter the previously defined password. The weak point in this system, especially concerning sensitive transactions (e.g. money transfers), is that passwords can be stolen or inadvertently revealed or forgotten.

This leads a min. of two-factor authentication. It outlines the proof of identity of a user by combining two different and in particular independent factors. Typical examples are bank card plus PIN for ATMs, fingerprints plus access codes in buildings, or passphrase, and transaction number for online banking. From a security point of view, there are also two serious weak points in this system. On the one hand, knowledge-related factors can be passed on or stolen. Only an additional biometric factor gives the required security. On the other hand, it is not checked whether the creation of the identity is correct, whether a person or an object is actually who or what he or she claims to be.

Both weak points are eliminated by the "EAZY CONNECT™" system. Eazy Connect™ is a new and patented system for personal identification with verifiable real-event biometric technologies, a further improvement of the PDS2 guidelines to prevent the data from being passed on to third parties. For this purpose, at least fingers, face and, if desired, another biometric method, e.g. speech recognition, which is the only possibility of authentication in virtual reality. The program determines the position of the biometric data so that the identity of the interviewed person can be determined after a few moments. The software defines a pattern that consists of several points on the papillary ridges and is different for each person.

The finger scan, which is carried out using a camera, is not affected by sun exposure, skin moisture, or other environmental factors. The process can be carried out even in the dark. The resulting pattern is then saved on two different servers to ensure a very high level of data security.

When registering the end-user for the first time on the Eazy Connect™ APP, apart from the smartphone with a camera, a laptop or computer with a webcam and proof of identity, such as a passport or driver's license, are required to guarantee the one-time required identity. For this purpose, an external service is activated that uses software and a webcam to check the identity of the user and to check the precision of the scanning process on the biometric data. Once this process has been completed, Eazy Connect™ can be used and trusted so that biometric data is assigned to the person concerned without any doubts.

For implementation in a new European solution, Eazy Connect's innovation is integrated into the existing two-factor authentication (PSD2) by immediately checking whether the person's biometric data also matches 100% with the ID documents, namely when they are first created of identity. In contrast to previous methods, Eazy Connect™ does not only rely on fingerprint or identification by performing a facial scan but can also use several factors and biometric real event technology to raise personal identification to a new level, in which biometric data of the Person match 100% with the personal documents.

Compared to existing systems, the invention of Eazy Connect™ offers numerous advantages, quick implementation, easy handling, and exceptionally high security.


Eazy Connect server architecture provides and scalable platform can be based on the IEEE 2410 Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS), providing trusted secure collection, transmission, and storage of biometric data.


  • ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007
  • ANSI 378
  • ISO/IEC19794-2, 2005
  • ISO/IEC19794-4, 2005
  • RAW print images in B&W segmented and in .zip format
  • WSQ, B&W segmented prints packed in .zip format
  • NFIQ quality score provided
  • Other formats available on request


In this way, Eazy Connect™ combines the advantages and functions of existing systems, thus creating a new standard in the field of security with patent trusted actual process technology.