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Biometric - Identification at your



with liveness detection technology

Big companies around the world have made biometric authentication a priority and Eazy Connect™ has improved it.

In today's digitized world, security is an ever-increasing need. Passwords are easy to hack and multiple identities can be accepted online with little effort. This is also a growing problem for companies. It is in the interest of permanently protecting sensitive data and only granting access to authorized persons. The clear (trustworthy) identification of these people therefore plays an increasingly important role in the cost-effective identification and verification.

This is where the patented innovation from Eazy Connect ™ comes into play. Eazy Connect ™ is an innovative form of personal, trustworthy liveness identification that uses biometric data - both via the fingerprint scanner - which handles the end user's ongoing activities - and a one-time facial scan directly during user registration for the first time, identity verification together with ID (Passport, Driver Licence).

Eazy Connect ™ uses a 4-finger contactless fingerprint biometric technology for Trusted Identification during registration and works on iOS or Android smartphones with a min five- megapixel camera and LED flash, making deployment easy anywhere. In connection with a second device with camera, it can be determined during registration that the stored biometric data of the face and hands match 100% of the registered person. Trusted identification is required in many countries, e.g. open a bank account, such as receiving government benefits or health benefits. Together with Face, 4 Fingers Export and ID, this enables a novel, cost-effective, seamless registration process that complies with GDPR, PSD2 and other security and data protection regulations.

This method of capturing fingerprints allows for convenient, quick, and secure trusted identification for law enforcement as well, enabling fast matching against law enforcement databases in the field. Eazy Connect, patent trusted biometric solution is working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to include 4 Fingers TouchlessID in the government’s certification program for contactless fingerprint capture together with face and ID for trusted registration. This will guarantee future compatibility with developing law enforcement and immigration fingerprinting standards.

Our technology ensures the utmost privacy and security for end users. Eazy Connect solutions can be built using IEEE 2410, the Biometric Open Protocol Standard, and Visual Cryptography. Visual Cryptography is more secure than other methods because the data is stored so that, even if compromised, no useful information can be recovered or acquired.



Eazy Connect server architecture provides and scalable platform can be based on the IEEE 2410 Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS), providing trusted secure collection, transmission, and storage of biometric data.


  • ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007
  • ANSI 378
  • ISO/IEC19794-2, 2005
  • ISO/IEC19794-4, 2005
  • RAW print images in B&W segmented and in .zip format
  • WSQ, B&W segmented prints packed in .zip format
  • NFIQ quality score provided
  • Other formats available on request


In this way, Eazy Connect™ combines the advantages and functions of existing systems, thus creating a new standard in the field of security with patent trusted liveness detection technology.


Big companies around the world have made biometric authentication a priority and Eazy Connect™ has improved it. Startup-Eazy Connect™ has developed and patented a personal security concept for trusted biometric registration with liveness detection technology.